Before you start considering driving lessons, there are a few things you first need to consider, and also a few things which you will need to have prepared before you can take your first lesson. To make the process as easy as possible for you, Sure Pass UK have outlined a few of the things you will need to take into consideration.

Before a learner driver can become eligible to take driving lessons, it is a requirement that you have a provisional driving license. If you do not have one you will need to apply for one from the DVLA (link given on the side of the page), and you can obtain a provisional driving licence application form by visiting your local post office.

You can apply for your provisional car driving licence up to three months before your seventeenth birthday (however, it would not become valid until you turned seventeen).

It will also be required for you, as a learner driver, to pass an eyesight test, or at least be able to read a number plate from approximately 20.5 metres. With Sure Pass UK, this will be asked of you on your first lesson, and advice will be given thereafter if it is needed.

As a national requirement for all learner drivers, you cannot book the driving test until you have passed the theory test, although you can start your driving lessons as soon as your provisional driving licence becomes valid.

When booking a Theory Test, you can book your theory test to take place on or shortly after your seventeenth birthday provided you have a provisional driving licence, and you should be able to book your theory test with a few weeks notice and receive your test results on the day of the test. The waiting time for a driving test is typically 6 -10 weeks, but sooner dates are also usually available through test appointment cancellations.

Learner drivers can start your driving lessons before you take your theory test, provided they have a valid provisional driving licence. Combining your Theory Test study with the early part of your driving course like this not only gives you the added advantage of being able to consult your instructor on matters relating to the theory test and your theory study, but it will also raise your confidence in the Theory Test itself.

For the driving lessons themselves, you can be picked up at a location completely of your choice.
There will, of course, never be any pupil sharing your lessons - your driving lesson is for you only.

For your first lesson with Sure Pass UK, then, you will be collected and we will have a brief chat at the roadside before moving off. All aspects of my teaching will, of course, be adapted to suit all your own individual needs as a learner driver. Every learner is different after all, and this is why I pride myself on my ability to offer personalised teaching.

If you require any further information or advice please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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