Being a learner driver can be a daunting prospect for anyone. There are essentially two tests which you will need to prepare for (The computer-based Theory Test and the Practical Driving Test), but with Sure Pass UK, you can rest assured that you will be given all the necessary support and help to guide you along the way.

To begin with, then, Sure Pass UK have outlined the main details and issues involved in the Theory Test and The Practical Driving Test.


The Theory Test has two parts to it - the Multiple Choice Question section and the Hazard Perception section.


The multiple choice test for car drivers and motorcycle riders consists of 50 questions, and it is a computer-based test. You need to select the correct answer, or answers (since some of the questions require you to select multiple answers, and you would do this by selecting the answers by either touching the appropriate area of the computer screen or using the mouse pointer and button.
In total you will be given 57 minutes to complete the first part of the theory test, and to pass you need to correctly answer 43 out of the 50 questions.

Dyslexic candidates can apply to have up to double the standard 57 minutes, but you will need to request this specifically when you apply for the test. A letter or report from a professional should explain your reading ability, i.e., a teacher, a psychologist, or Local Dyslexia Association officer. Usually, you will have to phone again for a test date after the report has been processed.

Before the actual test begins, all candidates will be shown a short video tutorial that will explain how the test should be undertaken. You will also be given the opportunity to complete some practice questions to make sure you are familiar with the computer screens. As you can see from the layout of the theory test computer screens below, you move from one question to the next by touching or clicking on the arrowed buttons at the bottom.

Upon completion of the multiple-choice section of the test, you will go on to the hazard perception element.


The Hazard Perception Test consists of 14 video clips, each clip lasting about one minute.

The clips are video clips of a car driving on various roads, and they each feature various types of hazards, such as vehicles, pedestrians and road conditions.

You gain marks in the test by perceiving all potential hazards, and responding to them in good time by pressing a mouse button as soon as you see the hazard developing.

The earlier the developing hazard is spotted and a response is given, the higher the score.

There are up to five marks available for each hazard spotted (depending on how early you spotted the hazard) and the test contains 15 assessable hazards in total.

In order to pass the Hazard Perception section of the theory test, learners must gain at least 44 out of a possible 75 marks.

If it's required, Sure Pass UK can offer theory training, including the free use of theory and hazard perception training material.

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